Ankle support with nopped silicone friction pads.

Article No.
KIDS Artikel-Nr.
platinum black flesh
  • Size

    Can be worn on the right and left.
  • Indications

    • Ankle arthrosis
    • Chronic capsular ligament instability
    • Inflammation of the upper ankle / lower ankle
    • Mild ankle sprain
    • Post-operative foot & ankle
    • Rheumatism-related diseases of the foot & ankle
    • Swelling of the foot & ankle
  • Effectiveness / Technology

    • Beneficial effects on insertion tendinopathies and bursitis typically seen with arthrosis
    • Improved nutritional situation for cartilage and accelerated absorption of effusions
    • Optimisation of proprioception
    • Pain relief through reduced nociceptive afferences
    • Stabilisation, compression and relief of the ankle joint
    • Straightening of the transverse arch
    • Extremely elastic specialist knit for virtually crease-free wearing when unwinding