Elbow support with nopped AIR-MATRIX silicone pads for compression and friction.

A highly elastic comfort zone ensures a wrinkle-free fit in the elbow area. The SPORLASTIC AIR-MATRIX silicone pads are anatomically shaped and provide stimulation and friction massage. The QR code in the product packaging gives you access to therapy exercises.

In den Farben
  • Größe

    Can be worn on the right and left.
  • Wirkung / Technik

    • Accelerated reabsorption of effusions through hyperaemia
    • Friction massage
    • Improved nutritional situation for cartilage
    • Pain relief
    • Relief and stabilisation of the elbow joint through compression
    • SPORLASTIC AIR-MATRIX silicone pad: perforated, breathable, lightweight, anatomically shaped and napped silicone pad for stimulation and friction massage
    • Highly elastic comfort zone for a wrinkle-free seat
    • Innovative stretch zones for perfect fit even when moving
    • Soft, pressure-reduced bandage edge for high wearing comfort
    • Very thin, pressure-reduced drum edge for high wearing comfort