Visco-elastic inlays made from silicone with “soft spots”.

Soft spots in the area of the heel and metatarsal heads.

In den Farben
  • Größe

    In pairs
  • Indikationen

    • Arthrosis of the ankle, knee and hip joints
    • Compensation of leg length difference
    • Haglund's deformity
    • Plantar fasciitis with/without calcaneal spur
    • Post-operative foot & ankle
    • Shock absorption
    • Symptoms in the rear foot
  • Wirkung / Technik

    • Especially soft core zones (soft spots) in the area of the heel and metatarsal heads
    • Raising of the transverse arch
    • Easy to clean
    • Integrated splayed foot pad
    • Returns to original shape after wearing
    • Skin-friendly silicone
    • Two different Shore hardnesses