Functional ankle support as an alternative to tape bandaging.

With friction pads and an inelastic lateral rein.

In den Farben
platinum black
  • Größe

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  • Indikationen

    • Acute capsular ligament rupture
    • Ankle arthrosis
    • Chronic capsular ligament instability
    • Post-operative foot & ankle
    • Primary and secondary prophylaxis of sprains, especially during sport
    • Stabilisation of the lower ankle
  • Wirkung / Technik

    • Gentle on the skin
    • Proven at least equivalent protection effect to a tape bandage with significantly less loosening under load
    • Reduction of the risk of supination trauma
    • Reinforces proprioception
    • Stabilisation of the anterior talo-fibular ligament and fibulo-calcaneal ligament.
    • 8er-Zügelung und zwei weitere Korrekturzügel im Vorfußbereich zur verbesserten Fußanhebung und Pronationsstellung durch großere Hebelwirkung
    • Non-elasticated lateral strap