Wrist brace with integrated air chamber system for mobilising the wrist, fingers and thumb.

Article No.
  • Size

    Size width of the hand over the metacarpophalangeal joints in cm
    1 8 - 12
    2 10 - 13
    Please specify right or left.
  • Indications

    • Chronic polyarthritis
    • For flaccid and spastic paralysis of wrist, fingers and thumbs
    • Post-operative hand / wrist
    • Post-traumatic
  • Effectiveness / Technology

    • To avoid hand, finger and thumb flexion contractures in neurological diseases
    • To avoid misalignment of the wrist, fingers and thumb
    • Additional guidance and stabilisation of the thumb
    • Adjustable air chamber with air pump for dynamic positioning of wrist, fingers and thumb
    • Breathable pad for high wearing comfort
    • Easy to put on with circular Velcro fasteners
    • Replacement cover included in delivery
    • Semi-dynamic and mouldable reinforcement splint with aluminium core for optimal positioning
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