Three-part knee immobilisation bar in 0° or 20° position with patellar cut-out.

Incl. adjustment aid with scaling band and markings on the brace.

Article No.
07765 (0°), 07767 (20°)
  • Size

    Size Body size in cm
    1 150 - 174
    2 175 - 200
    Can be worn on the right and left.
  • Indications

    • All indications where immobilization of the knee joint in an extended position is necessary.
    • Conservative/post-operative knee
    • Damage to muscle/bone/capsule/ligament structures of the knee joint
    • Following patella luxation
    • For temporary stabilization in: - stretched position (valid for 07765) - bent position (valid for 07767)
    • Patella fracture
    • Preoperatively
    • pain states
  • Effectiveness / Technology

    • Immobilisation/settling of the knee joint in extended position, approx. 0° (applies to 07765)
    • Immobilisation/settling of the knee joint in flexed position, approx. 20° (applies to 07767)
    • Adjustment aid with scaling band and markings on the orthosis
    • Divided Velcro surfaces for easy adjustment of leg circumference
    • Freely positionable straps for easy application
    • Individually positionable/removable foam cushion in the hollow of the knee
    • Mouldable side and dorsal reinforcement rails for optimum fit
    • Pleasant interior padding for optimum moisture regulation
    • Recess for the kneecap
    • Three-part system allows continuous adjustment to the leg circumference
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