Rhizarthrosis orthosis for stabilisation of the carpo-metacarpal joint.

The soft material provides high and pleasant wearing comfort.

Article No.
  • 07603
  • Size

    Sizes Wrist circumference in cm
    S up to 17
    M 17 – 19
    L over 19
    Please specify right or left
  • Indications

    • Conservative / post-operative thumb and finger
    • Degenerative inflammation
    • Early-onset rhizarthrosis
    • Functional symptoms in the carpo-metacarpal joint caused by recurrent joint misalignment
    • Inflammation of the carpo-metacarpal joint
    • Post-traumatic
  • Effectiveness / Technology

    • Extensive preservation of carpo-metacarpal joint mobility
    • Soft material for high and pleasant wearing comfort
    • Stabilisation of the carpo-metacarpal joint in slight abduction position
    • Excellent for everyday use
    • Firm material for high stabilisation
    • Grindable material
    • Ring orthosis made from plastic
    • Thermoplastic modification