Immobilisation orthosis for CIMT therapy.

Article No.
  • 02830
  • Size

    Sizes Abdominal circumference in cm
    1 70 - 100
    2 100 - 130
    Can be worn on the right and left.
  • Indications

    • Performance of CIMT (Constraint Induced Movement Therapy)/forced-use/Taub training
    • Unilateral paresis of the upper limb
  • Effectiveness / Technology

    • Prevention of the use of the unaffected arm by fixing the healthy arm to the trunk
    • Stabilisation of the trunk
    • Suppression of unwanted compensatory movements
    • Customisable
    • The healthy arm can be pulled free in an emergency
    • Velcro fastening for arm and hand fixation (safety Velcro)
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